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We all know that prayer is an unlimited source we can use to communicate with God. But nowadays, due to the busy schedules that we have, we tend to forget that prayer is a necessity in our Christian life. It’s hard not to talk to someone really close to you for a long time. Therefore, making it a habit is a MUST.

Journaling is one of the most effective ways to declutter your thoughts. According to URMCR, NY journaling is one of the many ways you can deal with your overwhelming emotions. It is a healthy outlet that can help you express yourself. Journaling your prayers can totally help you reduce anxieties and stress.

Here are 5 benefits why you should journal your prayers

1. Helps you to be more focused.

In this busy world we live in, being focused on one thing can be hard because we live in an age where multitasking is the trend. Journaling however demands you to be alone with just your Bible, pen, and notebook. No gadgets. This helps you lessen distractions and allows you to enjoy your time with God.

2. Helps you record your conversation with God.

We are very forgetful people. According to the research of BusinessWire, we usually tend to forget things so easily. From the name of some of our acquaintances to where we put our keys, and many more. Writing down your prayers and thoughts will help you backtrack and check if God has already answered it or He is telling you to wait.

3. Teaches you to be grateful

How can we thank God if we do not know what to be thankful for? He is a personal and loving God that He answers prayer at the perfect time. We sometimes become ungrateful especially when we experience bad situations.Recording our prayers and looking back at them reminds us how He give you strength when you need it and He will give you the faith to persevere in times of struggles you will still see that God never leave you.

4. It gives you Testimonies of God’s goodness

Witnessing how God answers your deepest desires and prayers can inspire other people who are also experiencing the same struggle.  Through your story, they know that they can count on a faithful God to be with them in every season. Everything you are experiencing have a reason and has a purpose.

5. It helps you grow more spiritually

One of God's desire is for us to grow in knowledge and love of Him. Communicating with Him daily through writing your prayers can be one of the major factors on how our faith can grow. For as we get to know Him, we get to know how big He is and how can He turn our mournings to joy and our tests to testimonies. During times of trials, we can simply look back and remember how God was so faithful every day, today and forever.

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