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Reading the Bible and being on track (especially when we’re following a reading guide) is a bit hard due to various reasons that we have: work and other daily activities we do. We must admit that at some point of our quiet time, we sometimes feel that our bed is calling us to sleep. This is one of the problem that many Christians have been experiencing. For us to be encouraged in reading the WORD with open eyes literally and spiritually. Joshua 1:8 says,

“This Book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.”

If you want to have good success, prioritize God. But of course, you will not use this as your motive but a learning that truly it is He who provides what you need.

Moreover, reading has a lot of benefits—not only that we’ll get informed or encouraged, but most importantly, it helps us be more like Christ. We should create the habit of reading the Bible as a response to God’s love.

Start your Bible reading habit now with these 5 easy tips.


Ask God for wisdom and discipline to be consistent in doing your daily devotions and having your quiet time. Pray that He would open your eyes to new truths and that your quiet time may be distraction-free.


Being in a group with other believers in your local church helps you be motivated in your walk with the Lord. This is a place where you can openly ask questions when you cannot understand certain passages; a place where you can clarify some revelations that you may have; share some insights that you’ve learned; and motivate others along the way.

It's good to also be accountable to one another so that all of you can witness each other’s growth in the Lord, praying and rebuking with love.


Find a place that you can be alone with God. A place maybe in your room or anywhere else that you can cry, laugh, ask or anything in front of God–that you can be just as you are in His presence. Make sure that in your “me” place, there will no distractions so you can focus and listen to what God is trying to tell.you.


Some of us may be a morning person and some of us are not. The Bible encourages us to give our best time to the Lord. In choosing your quiet time, make sure that it is a time where you can truly commit. You can first start with 15 minutes then increase as you go. The important part here is that you start and don’t give up if you miss a day or so. Keep going!


Setting up your own prayer journal and jotting down your notes can be a great help to your Bible reading. It will help you focus and track down your prayers. Experience and recall the wonderful things God has done in your life. He is alive and cares highly about you.

God is excited to spend time with you! Start your Bible reading experience today!

Do you have any insights that others can also learn from it? Comment it down or share it to your friends!


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