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Those were the words I’ve seen on the first page of my planner. It was my mentor, Josren, who wrote those encouraging words and gave the planner to me, because he knew that I am a super busy person. I know that time that it was not an ordinary notebook. Not just a usual planner I acquired by completing certain number of stickers, but a journal and a planner that would make an impact in my busy life.

Certified Positive planner is a living testimony that it is really possible to live in a world of jump-packed schedules without compromising our walk with God daily. Every day it excites me to know what God has in store for me in every quotes from different people and how I can connect with them with most of all the Words that God has assigned me to read that day.

It is very challenging for me to do quiet time every day. In my mind, “I am praying everyday naman.” That was my alibi everyday—to think that I am a youth leader but I didn’t have my quiet time. I know that something was wrong, and I have to do something to make it right. The 2016 Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner helped my stagnant personal time with God to elevate to another level—to encounter God through my quiet time consistently (yes, consistently!). By the grace of God, I could also remind people from my disciple group to do their quiet time, as how the Lord lead me to do it.

Every time I write down my schedules and appointments whenever I see every boxes in the calendar that almost full, I hoping that there’s more than 24 hours in a day to do all the things listed in there. Every time that I am flipping pages of planner from one page to another, reflections and the verses I wrote there keeps on reminding me how great is God and how He provide strengths for me to do ALL things. Whenever I see the monthly calendars and the meetings, conferences and other schedules written there. I knew that it is God orchestrate things. These are the God-given opportunities to minister to others that He wanted me to attend to.

This planner really a big help for me in my struggle to do daily quiet time, like other Christians.

DICPP encourages me to know God deeply. It also helps me to do monthly spiritual check-ups on what God has done for me and through me specifically—the reflections I need to look back from the past month helps me to walk better and better. It helps me to assess if I did my everyday quiet time or if I skipped a day. Indeed, time with God was never been this intimate before.

My friends and colleagues see my planner every time I use this in taking down notes during meetings. And they were amazed on how the planner was designed creatively and purposely for the busy young professionals. From that point, I always endorse this planner to my friends for them to have one for next year so that they will be inspired as I am. When their friends see the planner, they will be inspired also. It’s a domino effect of giving inspirations. I am excited to have the 2017 planner.

I pray that many young people will have a chance to own this planner and be blessed as I am. My daily encounter with God, setting faith goals and expectations, consolidating reflections, celebrating answered prayers have never been this exciting when I started using this planner. Looking forward to create a positive Christian community giving encouragements to many lives.



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