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Devotional Challenge Accepted

It was around November 2015 when I first saw the 2016 Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner on Facebook. I got really excited to have one.

It was a great timing because at that time I was in need of a notebook and a planner for my quiet time and schedules. I really wanted to buy one for myself as a birthday gift but I hesitated when I saw how much it cost plus the shipping fee (because I was going to purchase it online).

Well, there’s no doubt about the price because the planner is really cool with its amazing features. It is really worth of its price. But still, it was not in my budget yet so I wasn’t able to buy.

On March 2016, the 2016 Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner was on sale at 50 percent off the price. I was really happy because I really wanted to have the planner and God did amazing ways for me to have one.

Without any doubt, I ordered not just one but ten planners and the Certified Positive Prayer Journals because I told my churchmates and friends about it. When we received the planner, we were really happy.

I was really happy because it’s my first time to have a planner and a devotional notebook at the same time.

The planner is really helpful for me. I get to organize my schedules and it reminds me my daily devotional with the Lord. It encourages me to write and to be creative.

It’s funny how it pushes me to have a good penmanship whenever I write an entry, like I must avoid erasures or I should write clearly to have it look good.

Honestly, sometimes I forget to have my daily devotional with the Lord and whenever I see blank spaces for certain dates, I feel like it’s incomplete and it makes me guilty. It challenges me to never miss a day without journaling and talking to the Lord.

One of my favorite is the Gospel of Jesus page. I use it as my guide whenever I share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others.   

What I really love about Certified Positive Planner are the Testimonies which really inspires and motivates me to grow and seek the Lord more.

Learning how they became strong and courageous in every battle they experienced and also how they stand up for their faith in the Lord.

All in all, I am blessed to have this kind of planner which helps me in my daily walk with Jesus. I am hoping to purchase the next year’s planner and it would also serve as my collection. I will also encourage my friends about this.

Thank you so much Certified Positive for this very inspiring planner! Kudos and God bless you! ☺


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