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Enjoying Time with God

I’m Rain, a disciple of Jesus Christ, cell leader and a professional Graphic Designer.

Before I bought the Certified Positive Planner, I had only one notebook for my devotion and I didn’t have any planner that would help me to be organized, to keep me on track and be reminded of my activities and events in life.

One time while browsing my Facebook timeline, I’ve seen the Certified Positive page which sells a very interactive planner and prayer journal.

I was then very happy because I’ve been planning to buy a planner from one of a well-known coffee shop. Then I changed my mind and started browsing the Certified Positive website on how to purchase the Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner.

By using this planner I am always reminded of the tasks, activities and events that I need to do and attend to.

It helps me to be more organized and not just that it also encourages me to always be excited to write down every revelation from the Lord through His Words.

I like the features where it has pages for inspiration, testimonies, and quotable quotes from simple and well-known individuals who are on fire with God.

I really enjoy using the planner.

It helps me a lot in my journey as a follower of Christ.


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