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Consistency is Key

I think the best way to start this testimonial is by quoting my life verse.

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.”

I deeply believe that everything happens for a reason and that is because of the verse I mentioned.


When they sent me my own copy of the 2015 Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner for review, I was so overwhelmed.

The testimonies from different personalities were so moving. The Bible Verse Tracker was so motivating. The weekly verses were speaking to me. And the quotes for each day were inspiring.

I couldn’t wait for 2014 to be over then so I could already start using it


I learned about the Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner from a friend back in the late part of 2014. He mentioned his friend wanted it as a gift and since I haven’t heard of it before, I tried to google it and found the website and the Facebook page. I felt so drawn to it for some reason and I don’t know where I mustered the courage to send them an e-mail for a possible collaboration. I was looking for shops or planners for 2015 so that I can host a giveaway. And they were so kind enough to reply.

Before this, I have already been doing my daily devotions on a generic notebook. But since I started working, I found it hard to be really consistent about it.

I had to wake up so early so I won’t be stuck in traffic and I go home so late because of the traffic. That was my life before the Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner.

When 2015 came in, I was so refreshed spiritually because of my DICPP.

I already had a personal planner so I decided to make it my devotional planner and God worked through it to make me really serious about my devotions. I was thinking deeply about the scripture and wrote down ways I can apply it to my life. And then in the middle of the year, they released the Certified Positive Prayer Journal.

Of course I had to get my hands on that because I knew it would help motivate me to be consistent about prayer too. I love being a prayer warrior and I love praying for other people more than myself.

This year, however, was different. I had this goal of being consistent. Meaning, I shouldn’t miss a day without reading His Word and having my devotions.

I have been posting flip through videos of my monthly pages because I wanted to motivate other working Christians that there is no excuse to not have devotions no matter how busy we are.

I have religiously crossed out books of the Bible in my Bible Verse Tracker.

I have taken the month-end questions as basis on how I can still deepen my relationship with God and when I miss my devotions in the morning for some reason, I make it a point that I get to make up for it before I sleep.

I can’t stress this enough but Certified Positive has been a very large part of my spiritual growth for the past two years.

I believe that God willed it for me to learn about it and He used it to make me grow spiritually. And I will always be thankful for that.


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