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Certified Positive Rhoda Marquez

I  was a fan of Starbucks Planner, but when I saw  the Certified Positive Planner on one of my friends last year, I told to myself, “I want to  have one.” I ask my friend where did she bought it. She plainly told me “At the National Bookstore.” After our meeting, I excitedly went to the bookstore and I can’t wait to have it.

I am using the Certified Positive Planner since 2015, but I have my Starbucks Planner too. Then the 2016 Certified Positive Planner came and how I was so excited to order online and own one again. I use it with enthusiasm and my journey with this planner begins.

  • It helps me tremendously in my journey with Christ.
  • The SOAP method was really a great help.
  • The quiet time commitment propels me to be more creative in spending and soaking time with Him. It was always the highlight of my day and it reminds me of God’s promises.

This planner did a great impact on my journey with Christ.

I never leave home without it together with my Bible even when I am on mission trips or family travels. It became one of my essentials aside from my Bible and phone. My must-bring stuff  when I go to my secret place where His Spirit and I commune freely.

It was one of the tools where my relationship with Christ become rich and full of His nearness and love. I bought it online because I was so excited to use it as soon as I receive it.

The result of using it revolutionized my devotional time where I can creatively use it to let the Word of God richly dwells in me.

I am Rhoda Marquez and this is my #CertifiedPositive journey.


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