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I am Richard Murillo, a Software Engineer for a BPO company here in Manila.

Before I bought the Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner, I have been already having my devotions but not on a regular basis. I have been reading my Bible but I’m having a hard time tracking my progress since I just read on where the Spirit is leading me to read and it hasn’t been in a constant basis. I miss so many days not having my devotion and not reading my Bible due to busyness in studies and work.

This planner was my very first planner and I’m very satisfied with it.

I’m very eager to buy it, but I had some time conflicts to go to a store and buy it. I also didn’t know how to purchase it online in the first place so I want to buy it in an actual store. I have a hard time finding it since I can’t find it in any NBS near me but thanks to God; I found one in PCBS Cubao which is quite far from where I live. The store is nearly closing that time but fortunately, I got there just right on time.

Upon opening it, the words from Deuteronomy 31:6 are the first words that I see and it already impacted me. “Be strong and courageous”–these words are my everyday encouragement to go through every day and share the gospel more.

As I continue browsing through the pages, I’ve seen this goals page wherein I wrote all the goals I want to achieve this year, both physically and spiritually. And another thing that I also love about this planner is that you not only have a space for your annual goals but you also have a place for your monthly goals which can be the small stepping stones for your annual goals.

You also have this budget page wherein I can track all my expenses and the savings I want to achieve for a particular month. It really helps me budget well since I am here in Manila wherein I sometimes spend a lot of money on food and other stuffs. Now I have a bit of savings from my extra expenses before. I have cut off a part of my expenses which I don’t really actually need.

There are also testimonial pages on the planner. Those testimonials are great–revealing how God can change a person no matter where he or she came from and no matter what state of life he or she has. For God is the God of all people, of all tribes and nations.


In this planner, I also write all the revelations God is speaking to me through His Words. I write the verse on each day and a bit of what God has revealed to me on that verse. The space is quite small but still can manage to write some stuff there. Hehehe.

There are also inspiring quotes that can get you through the day and which you can also share through social media to also inspire others.

I can say that this planner is a great tool for anyone who wants to walk closer to God.

And as you walk with God, you can also look back on those days wherein you are undergoing trials and have witnessed the Lord’s goodness and greatness in your life.

This is my first Certified Positive Planner but it won’t be my last. I’m looking forward on having other great stuffs from Certified Positive and sharing these stuffs with other people to help them grow closer to Christ.

To Certified Positive, thank you for having this kind of planner. A planner bringing inspiration to anyone and bringing everyone closer to Christ. More power and God bless.


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