Terms and Conditions

  • All items are delivered in good condition. Certified Positive shall not be liable for any misuse or mishandling of the item after delivery.
  • All prices stated herein are in Philippine Peso (Php). International currency to be used via Paypal shall follow its internal exchange rate calculator
  • We do not allow refunds but exchange of same item is possible if it is due to any misprint or skipped pages. Please take a picture of the damaged page and email it to inquiries@certifiedpositive.com and we will to accommodate your request the best we can;
  • We only accept reservations until three (3) business days before payment. This means that reservation will be forfeited after the third day without sending a proof of confirmation of payment to inquiries@certifiedpositive.com;
  • Please allow two (2) to three (3) business days to deliver the item after confirmation of payment starting our target delivery date to be announced at our Social Media sites;
  • The customer shoulders shipping and handling costs except when there are special prices and promotions;
  • All sales are final. We cannot promise to accommodate last minute changes but we will try the best we can.


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