Alvin Franz O. Faminial

“I know that time that it was not an ordinary notebook. Not just a usual planner I acquired by completing certain number of stickers, but a journal and a planner that would make an impact in my busy life. Certified Positive planner is a living testimony that it is really possible to live in a world of jump-packed schedules without compromising our walk with God daily.”

Gazelle Marcaida

“I will never forget that one incident wherein I am peeling off the cards at the back of the planner. For me that was so refreshing! Reading every encouraging words and praying for it always a great experience. I am mostly asking for God to move and let the person who needs it most get her well-deserved encouragement from God, through those awesomely sweet word… and it always did!”

Joycy P. Cepe

“Certified Positive Planner also helps me to gain friends—true friends—and share Jesus to others as well. It helps me to start a Bible study with my two friends. I got the courage to share Jesus when I and my roommate became close because I gave her the 2015 Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner and from that day I made a decision that every year I’ll give this planner as a gift to someone.”

Rossana Lim

“I needed something to organize my debts, payables, and expenses-this was my priority. My debts were paid off in less than six months with the Daily Expense #Traker reminding me everytime I opened the Daily Interactive Certified Positive Planner.”

Richard Murillo

“I can say that this planner is a great tool for anyone who wanys to walk closer to God. And as you walk with God, you can also look back on those days wherein you are undergoing trials and have witnessed the Lord’s goodness and greatness in your life.”

Rhoda Marquez

“It helps me tremendously in my journey with Christ. The SOAP Method was really a great help. The quiet time commitment propels me to be more creative in spending and soaking time with Him. It was always the highlight of my day and it reminds me of God’s promises.”

Rej Relova

“I can’t stress this enough but Certified Positive has been a very large part of my spiritual growth for the past tow years. I believe that God willed it to me to learn about it and He used it to make me grow spiritually.”

Rain Bernadez

“I really enjoy using the planner.
It helps me a lot in my journey as a follower of Christ.”

Karyl Cabanos

“What I really love about Certified Positive Planner are the Testimonies which really inspires and motivates me to grow and seek the Lord more.”

“For the first time in my life I used a planner and loved it.
My daily devotionals became much more exciting with it as it somehow encouraged me to really be into reading the Bible so I get to really be into reading the Bible so I get to write what I learned in the pages.”

Kevin Parungao

“I use this planner to write everything na nasa isip ko, na-ilalagay ko na lahat ng mga events ko in life, talk, cell groups, event sa church, mission trips and hindi na ko basta nag-ye-YES ngayon kapag may nag-aaya sakin, sinasabi ko muna, “Wait check ko sched ko.”

Ganaze O. Marcaida

“Before the end of 2015, I was diagnosed of a lung disease. One of the things that I have with me during that battle (aside from my Bible of course) is my Daily Interact Certified Positive Planner.
It become my Bible buddy!”

Julie Anne Villostas

“There is nothing better than going back through my planner to see how the Lord Jesus Christ has transformed me, changed me, revealed His plans for me, and how He has been so faithful to me.”

Lhyzie Bongon

“With the planner’s S.O.A.P Bible reading plan, I finished reading the Bible in one year for the very first time in my whole life.”


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