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Advantages of Bible Tab Stickers

There are infinite things you can do with your Daily Interactive Certified Positive Planner 2018!

2018 DICPP: Monthly Layout

What are the advantages of having a Certified Positive Bible Tab Stickers? Let’s see!

Certified Positive Expense Tracker Tutorials

“So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?” – Luke 16:11

We are commanded by the Lord to be good stewards of time, talents and of course treasures that He has given us.

Learn more about tracking and managing your budget to achieve your #CertifiedPositive Budgeting Goals!

Certified Positive Bible Tab Stickers

Experience more time reading and less time searching for the Books of the Bible!

100% Made in the Philippines! 🙂

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Tab Your Bible in 5 Easy Steps

Enjoy using your Bible with Certified Positive’s Bible Tab Stickers! 🙂

So simple to use!  All in 5 easy steps. Spend less time searching and more time reading God’s Word. This will definitely impact your quiet time in a whole different level. Enjoy watching! 🙂

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